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We ain't never going back!

We ain't never going back!

The Trump administration has already begun chipping away at LGBTQ rights with last week's executive order rescinding protections for trans youth, but at least one American city is taking a stand against it.

New Orleans Tourism is pushing back in a way only New Orleans can: by throwing a parade! Hundreds of people gathered on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter during Mardi Gras for a "reverse parade" to show that New Orleans is a city that welcomes everyone and where ya'll truly does mean all.

But the video, which features people of all ages, races, genders, and orientations, is more than just another travel commercial. It offers us a much-needed reminder that, despite the current political climate in America, we're never going back. The advancements made in LGBTQ rights under the Obama administration are here to stay and we're committed to making sure of that.

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Happy Saturday night boys!

Happy Saturday night boys!

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, make sure you do it with joy, positive intentions and awareness. 

Whether you are heading out with your friends or staying home alone, Saturday night has the potential to be wonderfully fun or absolutely lonely. 

The power is in your hands.

Go forth into the night with only joyful intentions and give up all expectations. Without expectations or attachment to outcomes out of your control, you will never be disappointed.
You may pick up a cute boy in our club, you may dance on top of our tables, you may sit at home alone or you may unexpectedly be invited to Mantopia, the best party of your life.
But whatever the night brings, allow it to bring it freely and without expectations.

Wonderful things happen in the space created when we let go of expectations.

Mantopia is all about letting go of those expectations, the preconceived ideas of who you are and how you should behave

Its about providing you with that opportunity to be in a special place, a place where you can be whomever you want to be.

Tonight you aren't Mark the CEO or Peter the meek and mild computer boffin......tonight, you are free!!!

Free from your daily life, free from the carefully cultivated work image and free from your own perception of who you are and who everyone wants you to be.

Tonight.....you are simply you, letting loose in your own Mantopia!

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Know who you are

Know who you are

‚ÄčI consider myself really lucky to have grown up accepting myself y who I am: a gay man. But what exactly does that mean? What does it mean to be gay in our contemporary society? And how does that affect our way of living as gay men?

LGBT rights are being conquered around the world. Still, there is a lot of road to go to achieve equality everywhere. But which equality are we looking for exactly? Legal equality is one thing, but equality I the people's minds is another, and that is a much longer process. We had to wait years for equality on marriage for example.

Is it pure politics or a genuine will to have equality?

And how about trends and fashion? Supported by a smashing marketing machine, fashion presented day-by-day with the idea of perfection: the perfect male body, the one that all gay men desire.

What about everyone who does not have a perfect body? Why are they perceived to be less deserving?

When working at several gay businesses and establishments, I saw this kind of body game being played everyday. Almost everything is about that sexual desire for the hot and sexy body: when a costumer wishes something else (another towel at the gym, a small bottle of water...) he has to pay an extra dollar... unless he is hot of course. Then, it is free of charge.

Another thing is, we continue to diminish the idea of being gay. Recently I've been readingg these articles about straight men who engage in sexual encounters with other straight men, for the sake of pleasure that's all. But they are not gay! They are not even Bissexual! I do agree that labelling people is bad, and sometimes is difficult for someone to define himself. That is totally fine. But that does not mean we should diminish the idea of being gay. Not every gay men wants to get married, but that does not mean he shouldn't have the right to do it.

We are what we are, but in order to fit in society we need to find our group, our community, everything in order to have a life. It is only natural. We have years of evolution that separates us from ancient civilisations, but one thing History taught us is that we continue to see the same mistakes being repeated, as e continue to discuss the same subjects over and over again. It is our human condition, we cannot escape it. But we can understand it.

Learn where you come from to know where you're going. Read about your past so yo an understand your present. Times may be very different, but we should always learn to appreciate what we have. Are you growing up as a gay man? Don't diminish yourself. Learn to love yourself and what you are and work on the changes you need to make to become a better person. 

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