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Happy Saturday night boys!

Happy Saturday night boys!

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, make sure you do it with joy, positive intentions and awareness. 

Whether you are heading out with your friends or staying home alone, Saturday night has the potential to be wonderfully fun or absolutely lonely. 

The power is in your hands.

Go forth into the night with only joyful intentions and give up all expectations. Without expectations or attachment to outcomes out of your control, you will never be disappointed.
You may pick up a cute boy in our club, you may dance on top of our tables, you may sit at home alone or you may unexpectedly be invited to Mantopia, the best party of your life.
But whatever the night brings, allow it to bring it freely and without expectations.

Wonderful things happen in the space created when we let go of expectations.

Mantopia is all about letting go of those expectations, the preconceived ideas of who you are and how you should behave

Its about providing you with that opportunity to be in a special place, a place where you can be whomever you want to be.

Tonight you aren't Mark the CEO or Peter the meek and mild computer boffin......tonight, you are free!!!

Free from your daily life, free from the carefully cultivated work image and free from your own perception of who you are and who everyone wants you to be.

Tonight.....you are simply you, letting loose in your own Mantopia!

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